We assists the client throughout the entire sales process, providing important pre- and post-sales services. Technical and sales personnel offer information and guidance to assist clients in identifying the best product for their needs, and carefully evaluate the feasibility of installing the product selected. Client assistance is provided at each step of the sales process, including product selection, installation and testing of the product’s actual performance, and offering assistance if any problems arise after the product is being used. To meet the needs of our clients, We relies on a large network of Technical Service Centres located nationwide. As supplier and vendor of water pumps, We become the client’s “partner”. By providing high-quality products and offering related services, the company gains and maintains the client’s trust.


The key behind success and growth of any Engineering Organization is the Engineering and Project Execution Department. We have qualified Engineers and a well equipped Engineering department. The successful completion of the numerous prestigious projects, both in Government and Private Sectors, throughout Pakistan is attributed to our Engineering and Project Execution Department.

Besides our Design based on NFPA codes, British Standards, AWWA Standards, which are acceptable by Local Civil Defense Authorities. Drawings are prepared by the latest version of AutoCAD. We have also technical library with all the latest standards and know-how in the Fire Fighting Field.



It’s been more than a decade that Metron Intl’s providing their construction services in many countries, both private and government sector.



Waste water treatment plant installation, maintenance and repairing services. Metron Intl’s best equipment makes them unique in international market.


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